What is bidet sprayer(Shattaf) Jan 04
What is bidet sprayer(Shattaf)
Before the advent of hand-held bidet, the real bidet needed to have matching hot and cold water pipes, and took up a certain amount of space. If your toilet and shower are in the same room, Japanese toilets with bidet and drying function can replace bidets, but because they require electrical connections and are expensive, they are placed separately in many households A bidet or Japanese toilet is impractical.

In this case, the handheld bidet is widely used all over the world because of its small size and relatively low price. It is usually hung on the side of the toilet and almost does not occupy the bathroom space. The connection method is also very convenient. Install a triangle valve at the water outlet. The two outlets of the triangle valve are connected to the toilet and the hose respectively. finish installation.

how to install the bidet sprayer

Compared with toilet paper, a hand-held bidet can clean the anus better. Just imagine, if you smear your face with chocolate sauce and then wipe it with toilet paper, it will not be completely wiped off anyway, and compared to shower flowers Sprinkle, the water outlet of the bidet is smaller, which can bring stronger water pressure. When washing the anus, the strong water pressure can wash 95% of the feces and dirt. After washing, wipe the buttocks with toilet paper and suck Just dry the water. Simple, fast and effective!

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