• What is a braided hose
    What is a braided hose Nov 23, 2020
    What is a braided hose NEWSTAR common flexible braided pipes are generally divided into inner pipes and outer braided layers. At the same time, different specifications of interfaces are installed at both ends of the hose. According to different purposes, the material of the inner tube can be divided into NBR, EPDM, PEX and silica gel. As the inner tube of braided pipe, NBR has good oil resistance...
  • What is bidet sprayer(Shattaf)
    What is bidet sprayer(Shattaf) Jan 04, 2021
    What is bidet sprayer(Shattaf) Before the advent of hand-held bidet, the real bidet needed to have matching hot and cold water pipes, and took up a certain amount of space. If your toilet and shower are in the same room, Japanese toilets with bidet and drying function can replace bidets, but because they require electrical connections and are expensive, they are placed separately in many household...
  • How to install a shower room
    How to install a shower room Apr 12, 2021
    How to install a shower room The shower room is a very important place in the house, so its decoration design must be very careful 1. Draw the corresponding space from the bathroom first, determine the installation location of the shower room, and find out the distribution of waterways and how to make holes when decorating. 2. When installing, first assemble the chassis in a certain place. If the ...
  • How to choose and install shower set
    How to choose and install shower set Sep 06, 2021
    How to choose and install shower The shower is a small part of the bathroom. Although the size is small, the price varies greatly. In order for everyone to make better choices, here we have compiled some knowledge about the purchase and decoration of shower heads. There are three main types of showers, namely hand showers, overhead showers and side showers The functionality of the shower is mainly...

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