How to Choose a right shower head Dec 21

How to choose an right shower head

First of all, you don't need to consider whether the new shower matches the existing water outlet when purchasing a shower. At present, most showers on the market have 1/2NPT or 1/2BSP connections. It matches the water outlet of most family bathrooms.

how do i choose a shower head


The shower has different functions according to different styles, such as Spray; Rain; Massage and Mist,

Can a shower head increase water pressure?

Water pressure:
Different functions have different requirements for water pressure. Before purchasing a shower, you need to test the water pressure of the place where the shower is used. Normally, most showers on the market require at least 40PSI of water pressure. Or if the water output reaches 2.1 gallons per minute, it can be used normally.


When buying a shower, the most intuitive way is to look at the material and surface treatment of the shower. The shower is generally made of ABS plastic. Check whether the electroplating layer on the surface is glossy, and it is best to choose the color of the shower. Fits with the overall decoration style of the bathroom.

Energy saving: 

If the water pressure in the bathroom is not high, you can choose a shower with a water saving sign. This type of shower can ensure smooth water flow even under low water pressure (less than 2.0 gallons/min).

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