Does shower hose affect pressure? Jan 17

Does shower hose affect pressure?

The pipe diameter of the shower hose determines the size of the water output to a certain extent. Many people attribute the size of the water output to the shower. Obviously this is a misunderstanding.

This depends on the diameter of the inner tube of the flexible shower hose. The current conventional products on the market are 8-9mm, and the inner diameter of the shower hose that really needs to meet the large flow requirements needs to be at least 10mm or more, so under normal circumstances, The shower hose with an inner diameter of 10mm must have an outer diameter of at least 17mm. However, under the premise of ensuring a large water output, a new problem has arisen. The hose has become thicker and heavier. . We need to solve this problem

The large flow shower hose produced by NEWSTAR PLUMBING uses lighter and more environmentally friendly PEX as the inner tube material, and the double-buckle design is adopted in the outer tube structure. Under the premise of ensuring product quality, the weight of the hose is reduced to the greatest extent. At the same time, the anti-twist structure design is adopted at the connecting shower, so that the hose will never get knotted.

High flow shower hose

Of course, you can only experience a more enjoyable bathing experience by replacing a large-size shower that meets the needs of large flow and matching a large-flow shower hose.

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