Can a shower head increase water pressure? Jan 11

Can a shower head increase water pressure?


The ideal water pressure is definitely a crucial factor for bathing, but unfortunately, the water pressure in the bathroom of most families is relatively low, far less than 2.5 gallons/min. A shower with increased water pressure is a better choice.

There are two ways to increase the water pressure of the shower. One is to adjust the size of the water outlet to make the water outlet smaller. When the water outlet speed is lower than the water inlet speed, the water generates a certain pressure inside the shower, thereby generating a boost effect. , The intensity of the water spray will be greater for ordinary showers.shower head for low water pressure

Another type of pressurized shower uses the principle of aerodynamics. When the water runs inside the shower, a certain amount of pressure is required and a certain resistance is generated in the shower. The pressurized shower is designed to inhale a certain amount of air. , Generate a water-gas mixture. The introduction of a certain amount of air can reduce the resistance and increase the flow rate. The pressurized shower head uses this principle to mix the air, and the water is more rapid, but it does not sting the skin. 40% of the water output of the shower. The pressurization makes the bath more freely, and the high-pressure water continuously hits the skin surface. It can fully penetrate water into the skin, and the active water molecules are more conducive to improving the activity and moisture of the skin, and flushing away harmful substances sticking to the skin surface. After the water molecules are decomposed, ionized and ultra-high-strength magnetic field, the water molecules are magnetized under the cutting action of the magnetic lines of force and transformed into small molecules, which fully activate, soften and activate water, enhance water penetration and vitality, and make a variety of precious minerals It is easily absorbed by human cells.

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